Married to the Young Master, but Miss Tu Anh decided to choose a Vietnamese wedding dress and a dreamlike ending

Married to the Young Master, but Miss Tu Anh decided to choose a Vietnamese wedding dress and a dreamlike ending

Runner-up Tu Anh is the focus of all attention when preparing to hold the wedding ceremony on July 21, 2018. She and her husband Gia Loc are currently busy preparing for the couple’s biggest day.

One of the things that fashion followers care about the most is the runner’s wedding dress. After a lot of speculations, Chung Thanh Phong designer was the name that Tu Anh gave her full trust.

The wedding dress that Tu Anh will wear on the 21st will be a beautiful product of designer Chung Thanh Phong.

Recently, the talented designer had exclusive sharing with about the interesting secrets of the wedding dress that runner Tu Anh will wear.

Chung Thanh Phong said: “A few months ago when the drawings for the collection” Nang May “of Phong were completed, I met Tu Anh and she was very interested in these drawings. The beauty of the princess to create the floating, dreaming for the special dress that “Cinderella Tu Anh” will put on. ”

Runner Tu Anh once said that she will wear Chung Thanh Phong’s wedding dress on the biggest day of her life. And the 9X beauty did not say anything.

The designer uses the basic form along with bust cup details to create this dress. Chung Thanh Phong said: “Chest cup has been one of the most popular trends in the village for many years, and it has not been out of fashion and now it has become a new trend extremely strong.

This wedding dress was made by Phong and her crew and attached completely by hand, over the past 1 month to complete. Nearly 30 meters of fabric and about 20,000 crystals were used to create a dream design that Phong dedicated to Tu Anh. ”

Chung Thanh Phong revealed that this dress is very expensive.

The 8X designer also shared: “Tu Anh flew in to take measurements to make sure everything was the best. Because this is a shoe design, it will only be for the runner. On the day of trying on the costume, Tu Anh was very interested and satisfied with the dress, which made Phong feel very happy and happy.

Phong can only say that this dress is very valuable!

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